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Malaysia has undergone drastic changes. The former Prime Minister Tun Mahathir resurfaced. The opposition won the election for the first time in 60 years. The huge uncertainty caused Malaysia’s debt exchanges to suffer three kills. With the expected tightening of monetary policies in major global central banks, emerging markets are facing a clear risk of capital outflows, and Argentina has become the first “victim”. The prime minister’s term of office, 6% of GST will be cancelled in 1stof June, and Chinese investors will face more scrutiny and many other variables mean that Malaysia is likely to become an important factor affecting changes in the pattern in Southeast Asia.

On this occasion, what types of assets should Malaysian investors choose to do a safe haven? Do overseas investors have an ideal “bottom-hunting” opportunity? For Chinese investors in particular, what should be the current situation? This Financeword Malaysia Financial Forum, Financeword collaborated with many financial circle veterans to deepen your understanding of Malaysian and global investment logic to help you achieve financial growth in the most robust manner.


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Event Agenda

Time:10:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.

  1. Economic trends after election, Malaysia’s future investment trends

  2. The impact of global political changes on the prospects of Malaysia

  3. The oil price rise, is the Malaysian stock index turning stronger?

  4. What is good or bad under the financial rugulation of various countries?

Time:1:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m.

  1. How should the Malaysian political situation change the stock forex bond market and how should it be deployed?

  2. After the election 2018, Ringgit Malaysian exchange rate where to go?

  3. How does the One Belt One Road policy benefit the real estate trend in Malaysia?

  4. One Belt One Road benefits Malaysia economy and people?

  5. The rise of gold prices in 2018 will bring about changes in the foreign exchange market?

  6. New political situation, new leader, Malaysia’s economic outlook for the next five years?


Present Position: International Business Chief Mentor Experience: Nicholas Chu lecturer now also holds the license of th...
Present Position: Impermanence – Founder of Stock and Metaphysics (Grassroots God of Stock) Experience: Tan Soon H...
Current Position: Executive Director QuestCorp Global Experience: K.H LEONG has conducted numerous training programs on ...
Present Position: CEO of QuestCorp Global Experience: KC is a Chartered Accountant and Chartered Secretary. He had his i...
Present Position: Master Trainer & Speaker/ WCT Worldwide Experience: Tony Lim, author of The Powerful Value Investi...
Present Position: Founder, CEO and Financial Analyst of King’s Academy Experience: Kingsley Tan, Founder, CEO and Fina...
Present Position: Analyst/ Founder of FinSpark Experience: By sharing and spreading financial related videos on the Inte...
Present Position: Senior Consultant in International Affairs, Malaysian Institute for Asian Strategy and Leadership (ASL...
Current Position : Founder and CEO of Genesis Academy Sdn Bhd Experience: + Dr. Twin (Ph.D. in Business Administration a...
Present Position: Co-founder of Midana Capital Experience: Chris Tan joined the investment industry in 2008. He was form...
Present Position: Founder and Chief Lecturer of Feng Yan Finance Academy Experience : Founder and Chief Lecturer of Fen...
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